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We provide a comprehensive range of advice and services including but not limited to the following:-

Regulatory Affair

PIC offers wide-range of regulatory affair consultancy services relating to the products and devices indicated as below. In addition, PIC provides advice on product development, analysis, labelling compliance, preclinical & clinical research study, classification & registration and quality assurance as well as post-marketing aspects such as vigilance.

Pharmaceutical (Poison & Non-Poison Drug )
Health Supplement
Traditional Medicine
Cosmetic - Notification, Product Information File (PIF) & Labeling Compliance - In Malaysia & Singapore
Food and Nutritional Food - Classification & Labeling Compliance
Registration of Medical Devices and In Vitro diagnostics Reagent/Devices

Intellectual Property Management & Protection (In Malaysia & Abroad)
Commercial & Corporate Arrangement

Patent Search, Application, Registration, Management &Protection
Trade Mark Search, Application, Registration, Management & Protection
Industrial Design Search, Application, Registration, Management &Protection
Geographical Indication Search, Application, Registration, Management & Protection
Copyright Management & Protection
Research Joint Venture, Assignment & Licensing Agreement
Franchise Application & Licensing, Corporate & Commercial Arrangement & Contract



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PIC is a leading regulatory affair and intellectual property firm in Malaysia.

PIC is formed by a unique combination of scientific and legally qualified professional with the aim to offer scientific regulatory affairs and intellectual property advice, management and protection services. It is further backed by a team of committed, competent and experienced personnel who support the operation of the firm.

To arrange for Free Consultation,
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Pharmacosip Consultancy

Villa PIC, No. 82B, Jalan Awan Jawa, 58200 Taman Yarl, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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